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Get To Know Our Japanese & Chinese Guide Team!

Get To Know Our Japanese & Chinese Guide Team!

In this article, as the title says, we are going to present you to our Japanese and Chinese translators. Both languages are really important in the world since about 1.2 billion or differently said 16% of people speak Chinese and 128 million people speak Japanese. My tour welcomes tourists in italy by speaking their language! We have translators and tour guides who will present Italy in both, Japanese...
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Get To Know Our Spanish Guide Team!

Get To Know Our Spanish Guide Team!

Do you know that Spanish is the second most spoken native language? It is spoken by 450 million native speakers around the world today. My Tour now guarantees Spanish accompaniers on our guides every day on its tours! In this article, we will present some of our Spanish guides: Carmen, Anastasia, Ana, Valentina, and Enrica Take a look at what they want to say to you! Let's start...
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